Digital Signage Displays

DisplaysCommercial Grade, Stunningly Rich HD

We have selected our displays from some of the top brands to provide you with high quality solutions that people have come to expect from DSC. Our displays are selected to deliver your content with the utmost clarity, detail and vibrance. All of our displays are full HD and commercial grade meaning you can expect a vivid, crisp and durable display with any solution you choose.


Commercial Grade vs Consumer Grade

Consumer-grade screens are meant to be viewed in a home environment, which is typically a controlled environment without a lot of ambient light. Consumer screens are meant to be viewed for approximately four to six hours a day. However, these are not the kinds of conditions under which digital signage will be viewed.

Commercial-grade screens typically are viewed under brighter lights than consumer-grade screens, and the screens run at least 10 to 12 hours a day. If a company buys a consumer-grade product to meet its digital signage needs, then it is likely that the screen will not be durable and will need to be replaced, ultimately costing more money than an initial investment in higher-grade technology.



Brands you Trust

We offer a variety of the brands you know and trust to implement quality, durable and lasting digital signage solutions.

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