Media Players

media player

Powerful Performance

We take great care in designing our digital signage players to have the power and picture quality needed to deliver high-octane video advertising, Google integration, menu boards and whatever your imagination (or marketing team) can dream up. Selected with content and space requirements in mind, our players have the power of larger units but a smaller footprint. After all, your audience wants to see the content, not the hardware.

Slim Form Factor

Our digital signage media players have a super slim form factor to allow for easy mounting behind your display. When mounted, the player adds no addition width or depth to the display. Best yet, the media player can be easily removed in the event of service needs.

Optional Display Integration

DSC is proud to provide optional display integration. This means we have a selection of displays with media players built in to the unit. This provides an “all-in-one” display system that does not require the use of external media players.


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